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Consulting Services

Business Transformation Services

Business Transformation is about successfully changing your business to meet the demands of an ever-evolving business marketplace.  SBP brings proven skills and solutions including Organizational Restructuring, Technology, and Third-Party Services. 


SBP has a long history of successfully guiding public and private organizations through complex business changes.  


  • Project Executive for a Canadian research organization, directing their implementation of shared corporate services for IT, Finance and HR. Providing leadership to the CFO, senior staff and consulting teams for solution architecture, detailed business plan, change management, organization design, and program governance.

  • Reviewed a major outsourcing program for a Fintech organization.  All aspects of the program were reviewed including governance, business case, benefits realization, organization design and business transition plans.  Also performed an in-depth review of the contract against our proprietary contract assessment tool.  

  • Led the development of a shared back office solution which was completed for IT, payroll and HR.  Finance is currently underway with the new design with IT following suit to enable.

Business Transormation Services

Merger Integration Services

Major business publications are all in agreement that the majority of business mergers / acquisitions do not deliver targeted value and in fact, many deliver negative value.


SBP has successfully guided both publicly traded and privately held organizations through planning and management of pre-merger, first 100 day and post merger integration actions.  


  • Utilized proprietary integration planning templates covering almost 1,800 actions across 17 business functions.  Project-managed the two organizations to ensure both sides were ready for Day 1 through to Day 100. SBP also provided access to the clean room to develop day one analysis.

  • SPB provided post integration services the included synergies management (the market commitment was achieved), back office consolidation, consolidation of US R&D and plant operations and business carve out support.  For this client, SBP further led global profitability improvement efforts, including project management working with leadership and line teams.

Merger Integration Services
Sustainable Process

Sustainable Process and Profitability Improvement Services

Operational efficiencies are paramount in today’s competitive world but frankly, any target can be hit once or twice. An organization doesn’t want to rely on being lucky. Experience shows that over time, efficiencies often slide back to their former levels.  Sustainable improvements require all key change elements to be examined – Your People, Your Processes, Your Organization Structure and Your Technologies.


A 10 per cent reduction in procurement spend for non-capital items was achieved in a shared supply chain / logistics project for a large Ontario LHIN (Local Health Integration Network) comprised of 17 hospitals. Led the development of the initial strategy, the detailed process and technology assessment, developed the delivery model (including corporate governance) and implementation plans.

Working with the Assistant Deputy Ministry, led the recovery of an additional $100 million annually over the previous collections models through the strategy, design and implementation for the consolidation of collections from multiple entities into a single collections group.

Business / Finance Operations

SBP provides interim operational support, embedding in the business operations to provide short term management support to organizations that are undergoing change.

  • SBP is currently Acting CFO for two start-up business in the CBD and Psychedelics spaces, with the goal of taking both organizations public in the next six to nine months.  SBP is responsible for all Finance and Business operations, developing and leading the financing plan, ensuring the production of monthly financials, interfacing with Auditors, development of a financial planning / forecasting capability and providing advice to the senior management team.

  • SBP provided interim General Manager services to a client’s US manufacturing operations for a period of 8 months as the result of turnover, developing a local resource who eventually became the full time General Manager. In this period, the organization turned its first positive EBITDA in its history, worked with a key global supplier in resolving a critical deficiency, avoiding legal proceedings and worked with the local team to reduce inventory and optimize manufacturing/warehousing space (50 per cent reduction).

  • For a 12-month period, SBP was the Finance Operations lead, with responsibilities for all finance operations globally (approximately 70 resources). This includes direct reporting of all global business controllers, head office finance operations, establishing a treasury function and FP&A / budgeting globally.

  • Senior Advisor to the Auditor General of Canada in its audit of a major federal government organization.

Business Operations Services

Board and Operational Governance

Strong governance practices are multi-faceted:  communications, business controls, risk management, performance measurement and strong policies and procedures, all designed to meet the needs of the business.  Governance also applies at multiple levels, from corporate/board governance at the top, to operational governance over business operations and program governance for large, complex projects.


SBP has worked with private and public sector organizations in establishing effective governance practices at all three levels:


  • SBP has worked with Boards and Sub-committees for publicly traded companies, public sector organizations and not-for profits on improving their processes, communications, policies and practices.

  • SBP has extensive experience in organizational design for public and private organizations, with a focus on enhancing organizational efficiency and controls.

  • SBP has worked extensively in establishing effective governance structure and processes in support of large program / project implementation for research organizations, provincial and federal governments globally.

Governance Services

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